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Consulting services for the technical and organizational implementation and operation

Our experience has shown that - depending on the scope of a software solution to be implemented - an implementation project presents a sizeable organisational challenge. Over the past ten years, we accompanied and supported several railways, gathering extensive know-how of how to prevent mistakes and effectively reach goals.

Our professional services bring this knowledge and its application directly to you, the customer. We are to happy to support in word and deed during the implementation of our products to get your organisation up and running smoothly and quickly.

Of course, our service doesn't end there. Based on the agreement, our support team is available around the clock (24x7) in case you have questions or problems. 

Examples for service activities are:

  • Assistance for the project management
  • Assistance for the technical implementation and definition of new internal processes
  • Creation of functional and technical specifications as well as integration and connection to other systems
  • Product training for administrators and users
  • 24hx7 Software Support


Consulting services for resource utilization evaluations / What-if scenarios.

Additionally, and based on our product, we offer services to support your staff in scenario planning, tender creation and franchise bidding. 
In cooperation with experienced Qnamic employees who started their careers in planning, dispatching and driving trains, we can quickly determine your vehicle and personnel requirements for various scenarios.
For these tasks we can either support you or develop the results independently.

Examples for service activities are:

  • Check the current resource utilization (e.g. identify areas to improve efficiency or check the complience to rules & regulations)
  • Performing what-if scenarios (for example, to assist in the procurement process of vehicles or discussions with staff representatives)
  • Evaluations of impact of additional traffic or revised planning parameters on the utilization of resources.


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