RailOpt® WEB

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  • Efficient and bidirectional
  • Easy access
  • On every device
  • At any time

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RailOpt® WEB is used for bidirectional communication between planners and personnel

RailOpt WEB provides an automated and integrated communication with the personnel involved and consists of several components for efficient information of the staff and for bidirectional communication between planners / dispatchers and the personnel involved.




RailOpt WEB includes the following components:


  • Absence manager:
    - Request and approval procedures of assignment wishes, absences and holidays.
    - Automatic transmission into planning of RailOpt Traffic, including approval process
    - Sending dispatcher requests to the staff

  • Personal reporting system:
    - Personnel can access the latest schedule across various time horizons
    - Personnel can sign in and sign off 
    - Personnel can enter changes in their work times

  • Time sheeting:
    - Personnel can access detailed salary relevant working hours

  • Vacation planner:
    - Simplified process for entering and approving the annual vacation planning

The components of RailOpt® WEB integrate seamlessly into the integrated resource planning with RailOpt® Traffic, ensuring an uniform and smooth communication process between the planners / dispatchers and the personnel.