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Resource Management made simple: Get the full functionality of RailOpt at your fingertips in the blink of an eye with RailOpt Hosting. The entire software package, from the operating system to the RailOpt application, is administered and maintained by Qnamic’s experienced team. Planners and Dispatchers can begin working with the system immediately.

Bidding for a franchise? With the flexible contract durations for RailOpt Hosting, you only pay for RailOpt when you need it. Our planning experts are also happy to support you in generating the best resource plan possible.

Just starting up? Especially young companies often don’t have access to sufficient IT-Resources and Know-how to implement and operate a professional resource management solution: You can easily bridge this organisational phase with RailOpt Hosting.

Want to make more efficient use of your internal IT-Resources? RailOpt Hosting frees up capacity on your own hardware, software and staff, leaving your organisation the necessary room for new projects and challenges.

RailOpt Hosting: Maximum Functionality. Minimum Effort.

  • ONE integrated system
  • The whole process
  • All resource types
  • Granular performance data
  • Efficiency through transparency
  • Validated and rules conform
  • Market-proven for years

Did we raise your interest?

For more information please get in contact with us - or visit our product website www.railopt.com

RailOpt® Traffic is ONE integrated system for simultaneous resource planning and dispatching for railway operators

The RailOpt Traffic software ensures that all personnel and vehicle resources involved in the production process are managed and scheduled simultaneously - locomotives, drivers, train guards, etc.

With mature and railway-specific functionalities for easy planning and dispatching of resources, RailOpt Traffic supports your planners and dispatchers perfectly to get the best out of them.

Efficiency through transparency - within the entire planning and production chain you have transparent and detailed performance data. The data can be processed in automated salary or other information systems.  They can form the basis for an efficient management information system to support strategic decisions.
The activity data from simulation projects can be used as the base for strategic decisions or delivering bids.

RailOpt Traffic is the complete solution for simultaneous resource management - both for passenger- and freight-traffic.



Available extensions:

  • RailOpt® WEB:
    Modern, integrated communication between planers/dispatchers and the personnel on the field!
  • RailOpt® DSS:
    Integrated decision support system for the planner to automatically generate the resource utilization!
  • RailOpt® DIS:
    The driver information system for dynamic, electronical timetables incl. speed restrictions and instructions!