RailOpt® DSS

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  • Decision support
  • Optimized planning
  • Configurable
  • Automated planning

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RailOpt® DSS is the configurable assistance system for the scheduler to automate and optimize his tasks

RailOpt DSS is used to automate and optimize the planning tasks to create resource planning faster and more efficiently.

Designed as a decision support system, the system guides the user when creating the optimization process.

The system pauses when serious conflicts appear or if the planner needs or would like to set additional priorities. The user can thus influence the proposed solution.

The system is configurable to individual needs in advance, but requirements can also be specified during the optimization process.

RailOpt DSS allows the user to create a plan more quickly and efficiently and take new requirements into account.

RailOpt DSS integrates seamlessly into the integrated resource planning with RailOpt® Traffic, and therefore is not a "black box". RailOpt DSS is the optimal and automated or supported planning: a joint product of human talent and computer algorithms.