RailOpt® DIS

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  • Electronical timetable
  • Train running times, speed, speed restrictions, instructions, etc. - in one view
  • Online updates
  • Available for any device
  • User-friendly administration of topology-data
  • Stand-alone or integrated with RailOpt® Traffic

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RailOpt® DIS - the information system for train drivers

With RailOpt DIS train drivers can receive a full electronic timetable on any device. The main application area is therefore the train operation.

All details of train running times, speeds, speed restrictions and other instructions are displayed in ONE clear arranged view.

The software's base is an extensive topology database including a user-friendly administration tool. With this the topology data can be enhanced with traffic or company-specific information.


RailOpt DIS can be used as a stand-alone application or integrated with RailOpt® Traffic. Used with RailOpt Traffic, the drivers can also access their duty plan and additional duty information is available.